We are proud of our organization.

Arkansas Spine and Pain (ASAP) is Central Arkansas’ leading program for the management, treatment and rehabilitation for spine and pain relief and sports-related injuries.


Here in Arkansas Spine and Pain, our philosophy is to foster the mind, body, and spirit through comprehensive services and minimally invasive interventional techniques. We treat the full spectrum of pain conditions from complex back and neck pain and the difficult to diagnose conditions to those who have failed with previous surgeries. We appreciate you trusting us with your pain management and rehabilitation. Don’t let chronic pain take over your life. Get back to better health.

At Arkansas Spine and Pain we consider the whole person and their family when treating the pain. Pain Clinic staff work with other health care professionals, physical therapists, family physicians and services that might be needed such as social workers, hospice, home care agencies, behavioral health specialists to assist with modification of life styles and to encourage retaining and regaining maximum quality of life.

General Information
Physician referral is required to become a patient of ASAP! Referrals can be faxed to (501) 227-0187 or (501) 251-1975.
In addition to our main office in Little Rock, we have satellite clinics in Conway & Jacksonville. Arkansas Spine And Pain Providers:

13418704_1141496745922189_3693204431120276000_nDr. Qureshi (known as Dr. Q) is a leader in pain management and rehabilitation. His mission is to provide each patient with comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care that is based on a culture of compassion and accessibility. Dr. Qureshi has staff privileges at Arkansas Surgical Hospital, St. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock Surgery Center, Bradley County Medical Center and Baptist Health Center.

What our patients say

Epidural steroid to relieve Back pain. Very nice medical staff and exceptional pain free procedure.
A. B. Russell,
At my 1st visit I was diagnosed with sacroiliactis & yesterday I had SI injections in my sacroiliac joints & today I have no low back pain, this is the 1st day in over 5 years that I haven’t had severe pain. Was told that if injections took away pain I would get a spinal stimulator surgically implanted. Next visit is Dec 13th hope surgery is scheduled at that visit! God Bless Dr. Q & the staff of ASAP!
C. B.Brown,
This is a great clinic with great caring staff and Drs. I have seen many Drs do to spinal problems and have always found that my needs best taken care of and acknowledged at Arkansas Spine and Pain. I would recommend that anyone try this clinic for spine and pain needs, I believe you will be completely satisfied. What makes them stand out from other clinics is if there is a issue or a problem they will be quick to take care of it and fix it and see that it does not occur again, along with providing the best care possible. These professionals really care about their patients.
B. Jeffus,
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New Patient?
Physician referral is required!
Fax Referrals to (501) 725-4478 .